Hanne Hostrup

”Gestalt Therapy” is primarily an introductory textbook. It offers a clear and sober presentation af the values, theories, method and techniques of gestalt therapy. In addition, it describes the various applications of gestalt therapy and the associated ethical and practical condition.

Originally, gestalt therapy was developed as a therapy of neurosis, but although its basic concepts remain the same, gestalt therapy has been expanded and refined in both theory and practice, and today it constitutes a modern form of psychotherapy suitable as both a form of developmental therapy and a treatment for a wide range of client categories with many different disorders.

The book discusses the impact of the U.S.origins of gestalt therapy and underlines the importance of a high degree of sensitivity to cultural aspects as gestalt therapy spreads throughout the world. It is crucial that gestalt therapists consider the culture and the social conditions which form the context for their pactice of  gestalt therapy.

”Gestalt Therapy” is aimed at gestalt therapy students, psychologists, students of psychology and health professionals.
The book is publised by " Museum Tusculanum Press" and as eBook by Holm's Forlag

Gestalt Therapy: